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We’re passionate about creating extraordinary flower varieties (bedding & cut flowers) and beautiful assortments that help customers along the entire value chain achieve extraordinary success.

who can become a customer?

Danziger sells its exciting breeding genetics directly to brokers, growers, greenhouses, rooting stations and nurseries. We also assist growers, florists and retailers in over 60 countries to find the best source of our products.

Do you produce plant materials?

Yes, our top-of-the line production sites in Israel, Kenya, Guatemala and Colombia produce high-quality plant materials. In compliance with strict production protocols, we offer customers a wide assortment of superior genetics to complete any portfolio. Applying the same protocols for annuals and perennials, we also promise high-quality cuttings for all the varieties coming out of our production facilities.

Where do we sell?

Our perennials, annuals, bedding plants and cut flowers can be found around the globe with a great representation in every continent. Our worldwide team and comprehensive network of partners and brokers worldwide ensure our products are delivered to any customer in perfect condition.

How to start enjoying our varieties & assortments?

If you are a grower interested in cultivating our materials or a broker wishing to sell our assortments, simply go to the Contact Us page, send us a request and one of our customer service managers will get in touch with you.

How to order or buy our products?

Our varieties are supplied in different formats according to our customer’s needs and preferences. Our materials can be supplied in the form of: cuttings, tissue culture, rooted cuttings and elite material (mother stocks). Cold distribution chain and strategically located propagation facilities ensure that our products reach growers in clean and pristine condition.

How can I place an order?

Orders can be placed via our ordering system – the first such system to be launched in the industry. We also offer EDI connections to make daily communications with our customers as easy and convenient as possible, other options are also available according to the different requirements of our customers.

Which additional services can you expect as a grower?

We offer our growers extensive after-sales support. From flexible ordering systems to expert guidance in the field, and branding collaterals, we provide everything you need to propagate and market our products efficiently and with success. We also invest heavily in developing strong brands and imaginative marketing stories around our varieties that generate media buzz, high retail visibility, strong consumer demand and long-term loyalty.

Which additional services can you expect as a broker?

Our website has been specially re-designed for the people who sell our assortments and varieties. For instance, Get Materials and Personal Zone, makes it easier than ever to create sales presentations, find growers, or share our product information. You can also get access to all our hottest new marketing collaterals.

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