Release Date: January 2022

In our breeding program we are always looking for new and interesting traits that will interest our customers.

Over the past few years we have been working as part of our breeding program on new Solidago varieties with a very special feature that we haven’t seen before – Solidago plants that stay evergreen: from seedlings to the end of their natural life.

These varieties differentiate to flowering much later than most of other Solidago varieties we know, even later than Golden GloryTM and Sunny gloryTM, therefore will result in the first known GREEN COLOR SOLIDAGO.

The varieties were tested several times during growth at Danziger’s greenhouses in Israel.

This plant material is currently moving forward in many breeding programs in order to launch a new product soon.

Green Solidago may be used as a beautiful addition to our green fillers in every bouquet, joining our assortments of greens, such as – Green Dragon® Lepidium and My GreenTM Gypsophila.

Candidate variety, July 2019, Israel




Romantic gloryTM, May 2019, Israel





Golden GloryTM, May 2019, Israel



Candidate variety, May 2019, Israel

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