The Danziger Group is committed to finding new ways of turning ordinary into extraordinary.
Whether it is creating breakthroughs in floriculture, developing new technologies in breeding or taking seeds into the next level.

Founded in 2008 by Micha and Gaby Danziger, Danziger Innovations Ltd.is a bio-tech company that specializes in the development of innovative and advanced plant breeding methods


Since 2012, Danziger has been active in the production, marketing and distribution of seeds for a variety of  applications, including superior varieties of vegetable crops, field crops and horticulture (propagated by seeds instead of cuttings).


Established in 2001, Beauty Line Farm is a large scale production, in Kenya. The farm produces high quality cut flowers  in 60 hectares of open fields.


In addition to independent breeding of ornamental and cut flowers, Micha and Gaby Danziger have recently become partners in Equi- Nom, a breeding company that develops new vegetable (and other crops) varieties through the application of advanced breeding methodologies based on unique data analysis software that combines actual phenotypic measurements with genomic data ( i.e. DNA markers ).

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