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Danziger, Israel

Moshav Mishmar Hashiva

Established, 1953


Danziger, Kenya

Navisha, Kenya

Established, 2004



Danziger, Guatemala

Nueva-Santa Rosa, Guatemala

Established, 2013


Danziger, Colombia

Antioquia, Colombia

Established, 2014


Danziger, Equador

Quito- Pichincha- Ecuador


600 global customers, 1,500 employees worldwide,

production sites in Israel, Kenya, Guatemala & Colombia.

Our world keeps getting smaller.



Danziger is a leader in innovative and imaginative floriculture solutions, offering high quality rooted cuttings of annuals, perennials and cut flowers. We have over 65 years of experience in breeding and production of a wide variety of perennials, annuals, bedding plants and cut flowers for farms, greenhouses, nurseries and large-scale customers.

Our propagation sites are located on three continents, ensuring customers receive all materials in clean and optimal condition. From growers to retailers, Danziger is committed to driving the success of our partners across the entire value chain, through cutting-edge R&D, expert support, and creative branding and marketing campaigns. Offering high-quality varieties of cut flowers, perennials, annuals, bedding plants & more. Producing clean stock cuttings, mother plants & TC.

Globally spread for maximum availability!

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