Danziger’s Patents and Patent Applications


Otomeria Plants

Novel Otomeria plants including methods and systems for generating such plants.

United States Patent 9,736,998 B2


Gypsophila Plants Having Elevated Amount of Beta-Carotene and Methods for Obtaining the Same

Gypsophila plant having a flower with altered phenotype and methods for selecting altered Gypsophila plants.

United States Patent 10,918,043

Israel Patent 253081

Eurasia Patent 037822

Colombia Patent 40115

India Patent 414571

Brazil Patent Application BR 11 2017 013617 1

China Patent Application 201580070447.9

Ecuador Patent Application IEPI-2017-42644

Europe Patent Application EP15872104.3

Japan Patent Application 2017-533325

Mexico Patent Application MX/a/2017/008459

Republic of South Korea Patent Application 10-2017-7017087


Scabiosa Atropurpurea Plants and Methods of Producing Same

A Scabiosa atropurpurea plant characterized by a bigger inflorescence diameter.

United States Patent Application 16/645,817

Australia Patent Application 2018332597

China patent Application 201880073671.7

Colombia Patent Application NC2020/0004331

Ecuador Patent Application SENADI-2020-21909

Europe Patent Application EP18789706.1

Israel Patent Application IL 273280

Japan Patent Application 2020-515867

Kenya Patent Application KE/P/2020/3619

Republic of South Korea Patent Application 10-2020-7010407


 Lepidium Plant Named ` DLEPVERGI `

A new and distinct Lepidium virginicum plant named `DLEPVERGI`

United States Patent 10,123,496


Interspecific Dianthus Plants and Methods Of Producing Same

United States Patent Application 17/628,289

Israel Patent Application 290461


Gypsophila with Acute Inflorescence Branching

United States Patent Application 17/168,021


Impatiens Hawkeri Having Reduced Apical Dominance

United States Patent  11,324,176



*Note that this list does not include the entire list of Danziger’s proprietary registered rights and does not specify, amongst others, Plant Patents and/or Plant Breeder Rights (PBR) and Plant Patent Applications

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