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Moshe Sasson



Moshe Sasson Flower Farm, established in 1970, specializes in growing and marketing high quality Gypsophila flowers.
The farm spreads over 10 hectares of Gypsophila flowers with a few varieties including My White Cosmic™, XLence® & more.
The plants are grown under state-of-the-art structures / facilities, using the best agriculture technology. Moshe works in strict adherence to the plant protection protocols.
The flowers are opened gradually in a controlled environment and present very high results of long and high quality shelf-life.


Moshe Sasson is a valuable asset to Danziger as he contributes his professional knowledge to us on our new bred varieties when tested every season. He was the one to see and choose the White Cosmic, when it still was a candidate variety.

Moshe’s farm is producing produces Gypsophila year-round and exports the flowers to Europe, USA, Canada, China and Russia receiving excellent feedback on their performance & long vase-life.

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