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Tal lavi and Noam Baltinski

Kfar Vitkin, Israel



LAVI TAL & NOAM is a farm of two young and daring partners.

The partnership was established in 2001 between the two flower growers, the sons of farmers from one of the oldest and most prestigious villages in Israel.

From a farm of several dozen dunams, it has turned into an innovative farm of hundreds of dunams.

Tal and Noam envisioned innovation as their number one target and specialize in crops that are challenging for growing in greenhouses, under nets and in the open fields.

A number of Gypsophila varieties are grown on the farm, but the emphasis is on the unique pink variety, My Pink®– a challenging variety that can be found today in commercial quantities in Israel, where most of the growing areas are under the professional supervision of Tal and Noam.

Each year Tal and Noam expand the scope of the My Pink® area, spreading its growth over the months of the year, achieving excellent results, to more and more destinations in the world.

They also have extensive areas of wax flower varieties and green ornamentation branches.

The Tal and Noam farm is open to marketing challenges all over the world, offering excellent quality flowers, while ensuring customers, plant protection requirements.

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