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Fabián Calahorrano

Sales Manager


Nelpo Flowers started operations in 2001. We have been dedicated to the production and export of prime fresh cut flowers on 4 hectares of the best and wonderful geographic location with great conditions of water, lighting and altitude.

The farm is located near to Equator line, at 34km from Cayambe’s Volcano in Santa Rosa de Cusubamba, Ecuador. The geographical coordinates are: 0° 01´ 21,10” South Latitude ; 78° 17´ 18.18” West Longitude. 2,536 m Altitude.

All these conditions, melded with a committed and trained staff are the bases to build long term relationships with our customers and friends.

After 16 years in the industry, Nelpo Flowers has grown 14 hectares farm with beautiful summer flowers and fillers varieties improving the processes under strict regulations, environmentally friendly and socially conscious with the communities.

We invite you to know us and our product..

We invite you to paint of color the world..

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